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Document Imaging

By automating the time-consuming process of document management, Record Securities can help you increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve work flow while bringing people and data together as part of a total information infrastructure. With complete document imaging solutions, Record Securities has all the tools needed to tailor the inherent power of data to your specific needs! 

Record Securities provides full service scanning services for both archival and storage solutions as well as a cost-effective outsourced scanning production.


Now you can make documents or data accessible with Record Securities document scanning service Scan-on-Demand.Simply place the order by phone, or by using Record Securities RSWeb online service. Record Securities staff will quickly retrieve the hard copy stored information and scan it. Based on your document scanning request, the electronic version can be emailed or burnt to a CD, flash drive. So business associates in many different locations can view the same information simultaneously while enjoying Record Securities state-of-the-art services. 

Scan on Demand provides you on-line access to your documents within minutes!

  • Scan and image records needed at point in time

  • Images are distributed over your area LAN electronically, same day!

  • Cost effective solution for immediate access


Document Imaging

As Record Securities receives your hard copy documents and files, they will be scanned and indexed, similar to Scan-on-Demand, but will be transferred and indexed onto flash drive, external hard drive or CD’s. Available for you to request at any time, just think of it as having all of your information at your fingertips! 

Outsourcing your imaging saves your company by:

  • Reducing labor and management overhead

  • Reducing equipment and office space overhead

  • Reducing cost per scanned image

  • Results in: Professionally scanned images, proofed and validated!

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