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Media Storage

That is why our full service facility provides distinct media management services. We will provide tape rotation to your schedule and dependable, secure delivery service. You can rest assured knowing your critical systems back-up data is securely held off-site, and should you need, available to you at a moments notice, 24 hours a day. So, store your backup tapes and magnetic media in a secure, safe, climate controlled vault with Record Securities today!

What is Media Management?

Media Management is to manage the flow of data tapes to and from your business! Record Securities utilizes a distinct barcode labeling, tracking and authorization system. This ensures the critical accuracy needed for both archival storage and scheduled rotation. From one tape to one hundred thousand, secure systems are in place to guarantee your business down time will be kept to a minimum.


Benefits to your Business!

  • A tool for your company with records management - more than a location to store your magnetic media.

  • Retrieval and refiling of magnetic media - we rotate your tapes and put them away for you according to your schedule.

  • We're Open 365 days a year!

  • Disaster Recovery! How much would it cost to recreate a tape if lost or damaged?

  • Reliable, prompt and professional delivery service.

  • We work to customize our service to YOUR needs.


Media Storage

Magnetic media is held exclusively in our vault within our secure facility!

Our Climate-Controlled Media and Data Storage service allows you to safeguard your valuable resources. Storing your electronic media with Record Securities ensures you safeguard against disaster! 

To maintain the utmost in fire suppression safety and assurance, Record Securities utilizes a Halon Fire Suppression System, with sensors and dispensers carefully placed throughout the protected area. Our climate-controlled vault, security and extensive barcode tracking system ensure your company’s most valuable asset – INFORMATION – is safe in time of disaster.

Let's Work Together

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